About us

Hip hip Kooray!
We are all about irresistible spicy curry sauces. We live by our values of authenticity and transparency to guarantee great taste. All of our experience and years of close collaborations with Thai chefs enabled us to internalize the essential cooking steps and flavor complexity of curry sauces and to reinterpret them in a simplified way. The result: Kooray spice‘ n easy

Our 100% plant-based organic instant curry sauce powders enable vegans as well as meat eaters alike to cook a delicious restaurant-quality curry sauce within just 3 minutes, simply by adding water.
Quick, easy and freshly prepared - just the way you like it!

Merely packing off spice blends and leaving the rest of the ingredients and work up to chance is not an option for us. We are hungry for more! Thanks to our patented manufacturing processes and the targeted use of heat, we can not only guarantee the quality and shelf life of our products without the use of artificial colors and flavors, but also live up to the traditional way of cooking by gently roasting our carefully selected ingredients in a natural way, in order to bring out their maximum flavor. The only way to create an incredibly delicious and authentic curry sauce within just 3 minutes.



What can we do for the environment? We’ve asked ourself this question right from the beginning, which resulted in four major points that make a difference:

Common industrial processing methods (e.g.: dehydration, freeze - drying, spray - drying, etc.) are mostly time - , energy - and material - consuming and do not enhance the aroma of ingredients. Therefore, we quickly realized that we had to take a new approach. The result: our patented manufacturing process, which allows us to work not only in a natural way, but also more time - effective, energy - efficient, and lower in raw materials as conventional industrial methods. A win - win situation that benefits everyone!

Shorter delivery and shipping distances can only be guaranteed through locality. We are therefore proud to say that all of our products are manufactured and produced in Germany. A difference that not only ensures quality control, but ultimately has a positive effect on our CO2 balance.

We deliberately avoid animal products in order to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy our curries. However, t he enjoyment of plant - based products begins with the cultivation of the ingredients. Therefore, we only work with natur al organic produce . A quality feature that is not only to the liking of mother nature

Packaging should not only guarantee the quality and shelf life of the ingredients, but ultimately also be sustainable and support the environment without making false or empty promises. For this reason, we rely on recycling. Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable material. Thus, the entire packaging can be easily reintroduced into the industrial cycle with less effort and resources can be saved in the long term.

Our ingredients

Our list of ingredients has nothing to hide. On the contrary! Our 100% plant-based ingredients are not only bursting with flavor, but they are even capable of much more! Did you know that...

• Chili stimulates the blood circulation and aids the digestion.
• Coconut benefits the heart, as well as the formation of blood and muscles.
• Maltodextrin derives from vegetable starch (Tapioca) and finds usage as a thickening agent.
• Coriander seeds relieve digestive discomfort.
• Mustard seeds have an antibacterial and antiviral effect.
• Fenugreek lowers blood sugar.
• Cayenne Pepper stimulates the blood circulation and aids the digestion.
• Sweet Paprika promotes the new formation and development of cells.
• Cumin strengthens the immune system and helps with indigestion.
• Mace has an antibacterial effect and helps with cramps and digestion.
• Cinnamon stimulates the appetite and helps with digestive problems.
• Lemongrass has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves stomach discomfort.
• Garlic strengthens the immune and nervous system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
• Shallots support the intestinal flora.
• Kaffir Limes have an antioxidative and antibacterial effect.
• Turmeric promotes the fat metabolism, supports muscle regeneration and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
• Galangal stimulates the metabolism and has digestive, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.
• Ginger stimulates the blood flow and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Tapioca starch originates from the cassava root and used as a thickener.
• Cane sugar is unrefined sugar that derives from cane, which is used as a sweetener for example to balance spiciness.
• Sea Salt regulates our daily bodily water balance, supports nerves and muscles, as well as brings out the flavors of food

Your hunger for knowledge is not yet satisfied? Then simply contact us by email at info@kooray-food.com and find out more about our products and brand.